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Tuesday's Tweets

07:46 Good news: my Einstein strobes fit into my carry-on bag. See you soon, Phoenix; acts of photography to follow!
13:03 Just started listening to @kevinpollak's new book. Can see I won't be getting much work done. Funny stuff!
15:42 Life is so much better when you're delusional, Jill Kelley edition. http://t.co/ELcrTyeD
17:18 Some jokes write themselves: Owner of topless carwash objects to Democratic values, backs Alabama secession. http://t.co/8ZFRSi9W
21:01 The NY Times tells Guy Fieri his new restaurant sucks. Really really sucks. http://t.co/QBaT0xqE
21:07 Just bought a ticket to see @iamjohnoliver on New Years Eve Eve. 2013 will be such a letdown after that.