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Tuesday's Tweets

07:52 Fox News' Steve Doocy lies about his earlier lies, clarifies nothing except that he's a partisan hack. http://t.co/76DRp2az
08:00 A sequel to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? Sounds better than the original book. Wonder if I can get it on my iPhone... http://t.co/hMETPEES
09:22 Consistency is a virtue, right? Consistently wrong, not so much. Pundit fantasies on GOP nominees: http://t.co/lWxnOhEG (I blame the drugs.)
11:00 Just paid for my July cruise to Alaska. Guess that makes it real now, huh? State #50, I'm coming to see you.
14:35 http://t.co/kb9NPyRu So now you know.
14:53 Best product reviews EVER! http://t.co/u2Da0k4W
18:15 Had one of those experiences that remind me of how much I hate going into Fry's. Not exactly bait & switch, but not far off.
18:19 Installing a Wii has given me a headache. I blame Rachel and her Rock Band party.
23:10 A little excitement at my friend's studio tonight. Someone amused himself by setting a dumpster on fire. Many thanks to the Santa Clara FD.