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Tuesday's Tweets

12:37 Test to see if I believe in jynxes: Just back from a first interview at a software firm. It went very well. Followup next week or two.
12:52 @paulandstorm @petersagal Worst cyclops ever.
14:06 @KimberlyMarvel Thanks, honey. I miss you, and so does my camera.
14:48 Best Titanic review ever! http://t.co/r8y0jNH4 (I watched it on a plane. Walked out half way through.)
17:25 @AnneWheaton Sure, you've got the legs for it.
19:57 RT @RealNichelle: Taken 2/29/12 in the Oval Office - Live Long & Prosper! http://t.co/jMj1R5QU [The Trekkie in me goes SQUEE!]