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Monday's Tweets

06:56 Good to know Clint Eastwood is praising the Obama Administration for paying no attention to Clint Eastwood. http://t.co/BntEK8AW
07:03 You thought Trump endorsing Romney was about Mitt? Silly rabbit; it's always only about Trump. http://t.co/2uWgBD1F
10:30 Kansas Congresscritter mistakes Onion piece for news, proves he's as dumb as the voters who elected him. http://t.co/mx4nBWQx
11:50 Wait? Are you telling me Mitt's afraid Santorum will come from behind and finish first? http://t.co/bet4aOkn
15:33 @counternotions I'd call it engineering rather than science.
15:36 @counternotions No, no particular insight. Just a belief that science establishes the rules & the structure, engineering builds within them.
21:55 Okay, suddenly I'm motivated to get back to work. http://t.co/jnuJQ2vS (Do I need 36 megapixels? Hell no.)