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Sunday's Tweets

12:11 WTF? Is this really winter? Or has global warming come early?
15:35 Okay, I finally got that. http://t.co/mlSbAgTn
15:39 Good news: I got canvas sneakers for my upcoming horseback ride in the surf. Now all I have to do is pack. (Oh, and laundry first.)
15:40 Bad news: drove all the way to Casa de Fruta to discover they don't have romano ranch flavor pistachios any more. I am inconsolable.
16:55 @doxiecare Can Doxie scan driver's licenses (rigid plastic)? That's my primary application for a portable scanner.
18:39 Too big for a phone. Too small for a tablet. It's the Samsung Galaxy Note! (Jeepers!) http://t.co/9CCAZYBX
19:17 Weird. Just got the same robocall on my home and cell phones. In Hebrew. Which I don't understand.
19:21 @Elise_Logan What's weird is getting calls on my two different lines a few minutes apart.
20:49 @EndTheRoboCalls Caller ID reports as 650-660-9966. Nothing from Google, assuming they haven't spoofed the number.
21:01 @EndTheRoboCalls No audio, I'm afraid. That didn't occur to me.