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Friday's Tweets

09:06 I got 26 images accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://tinyurl.com/ltgjp5
09:33 So Samsung lied when it claimed surprise at Apple tablet injunction in EU. They knew & objected but lost anyway. http://bit.ly/nSvMFi
09:44 To be fair to this Indiana state rep, maybe "a really good time" means Monopoly. Or Clue; could be Clue. http://bit.ly/qvRlp1
10:25 So proud. Managed to make it into the gym every day this week! And next week I may even exercise. Don't want to rush into things, you see.
11:04 Just turned in my badge and the work laptop. So that's it for that job.
14:36 Deep fried butter? With luck, all the Repugs in the Midwest will stroke out before election day.
16:32 MacBook memory upgrade is done, and I didn't lose any of the teeny screws. Okay, I *almost* lost one. But I found it, so that doesn't count.
19:40 Is it sexist to suggest that Michele Bachmann not consume any more penis-shaped foods in public? http://t.co/0SkXhDN