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Monday's Tweets

05:39 Software firm loses case brought by IBM, wants judge to seal evidence they're lying scum. http://bit.ly/oe2DxA
05:41 Sarah Palin worship "documentary" to go video on demand. Who in the world is demanding that? http://bit.ly/nAGqsr
07:06 Here's a hint for spammers: if your subject line or the start of your message includes the word "beloved", it goes straight into the bin.
11:27 MobileMe's being contrary. Mail app can't get online to sync notes, gives me User Disabled error. Support couldn't help. Anyone else?
12:55 @altonbrown You gonna eat all that?
17:53 Hey, Apple! Stop turning on trackpad gestures every time I upgrade the OS! I turned them off for a reason, dammit!
21:13 Tonight's Colbert Report: "This is America. Our vaginas speak English." Even good without context.