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Thursday's Tweets

08:39 Intuit sends a polite "fuck you!" to Mac users of Quicken. Use our inferior Essentials product, never upgrade your OS or lose your data.
09:36 @MythBusters Popcorn. Slightly burned. The official snack food of explosions.
10:13 Cool. @SJRep is remaking their lounge as a Mos Eisley cantina during One Man Star Wars. Got my ticket! http://p0.vresp.com/eZzWfX
10:28 RT @ToryBelleci: Heck yeah I'll be at Comic Con @bonniegrrl. I'm gonna disguise myself as a Slave Leia. Try getting rid of that image. [Eww]
11:03 Listening to the Librivox.org recording of Dickens' Great Expectations. Tried reading it once with no success, but the audiobook's a joy.
11:29 Just decided to head to this year's Great Reno Balloon Race the weekend after Labor Day. Just might find something to photograph.
11:36 Is this the silliest iPhone accessory yet? I love my Nikon lenses, but seriously... http://engt.co/qazVM1
11:56 @alwayscoffee Who could do such a thing, Ally?
11:59 @alwayscoffee Don't cry! I can't stand it when you cry!
12:02 @alwayscoffee Now why would I do that? Shirley you can't be serious!
12:07 @alwayscoffee I just want to go home and rewatch Police Squad. Wonder if they're on Netflix Instant...
12:10 @alwayscoffee Darn. I'm afraid mine might be in my storage locker.
12:22 @alwayscoffee Me too. Darn my feeble efforts to clear a path through my acquisitions! Darn you all!
14:35 @VictoriaDahl Times (& tweets) like these remind me of why I love you & would follow you to the ends of the earth, assuming there's WiFi.
19:50 Trying to get through Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows 1. Deathly tedium is more like it. Forgot how boring that last book was.
20:08 @nprscottsimon Maybe she meant to name her Regan. Can she turn her head 360° and spit pea soup?