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Friday's Tweets

06:30 1st time I saw Avenue Q, "George Bush is only for now". Next time the line was "Glenn Beck". Last night was "Prop 8". The world changes.
08:16 @alwayscoffee Hey, Ali! Guess what showed up in the mail yesterday from Amazon?
08:25 My verdict on Avenue Q at San Jose Stage: sound mix was a little uneven, but everything else was fine. Enjoyed myself a whole lot.
10:23 Euphemism of the day: "Spared from the existential issues of this transition." Translation: not fired.
14:27 RT @ThePlumLineGS: RT @nytimeskrugman The Case of the Mystery Study http://nyti.ms/jpaUUt [Waves hand: "You don't need to see our methods."]
15:13 Disturbing images can get you jailed in Tennessee. But is @ebertchicago intimidated? Nossir, not Roger! http://bit.ly/j4knhp
15:26 RT @SJRep: 1 week, 8 performances, pure hilarity! Check it out - http://t.co/bJzT5rg #sjrsports [Got my ticket. Front row!]