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Saturday's Tweets

07:22 You say that like there's something wrong with it. http://www.wtduck.com/strip/263-saturday
07:32 I'm going to a Meetup with Bay Area Fine Art and Fashion http://meetu.ps/X1WH
07:56 @Decoder_Ring Not to put any pressure on, but some of us are waiting patiently. At least we're trying to be patient.
08:49 RT @thinkprogress: Two Muslim men kicked off airplane, were going to conference about tolerance http://thkpr.gs/iTQkK6 [Ironic. And wrong.]
13:43 Lunch yesterday was lobster rolls in Redwood City. Today was chili, salsa & beer tasting in Petaluma. The things I do to my stomach.
15:45 The guy behind the Mission Accomplished banner thinks Obama overplayed the OBL announcement. Does no one in the Bush admin get irony?
18:51 Just watched The Count of Monte Cristo with Richard Chamberlain. Just as good as I remembered.
19:07 Dunno why @davnetdoyle decided to follow me, but she's pretty and she sings nice. So I bought her album on iTunes. Oh. Maybe that's why.