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Tuesday's Tweets

07:41 Prince announces that the Internet is "so over", like MTV. Internet says "I know you are but what am I?" http://bit.ly/aYSBQb
09:27 NV TP nutbag Sharron Angle uses copyright claim to stop voters from seeing her old/real political positions as she moves to the center.
11:51 Tweetie's unable to get through to Twitter. Fortunately, there are other apps that are unaffected so far.
13:26 Female staff of The Daily Show respond to Jezebel's charges of sexism. Short version: nuh unh! http://bit.ly/aSljVb
20:33 Finally removed our monthly blogger Meetup from my calendar. Drinking (iced) coffee on my own is fun and all, but I can do that any time.
20:55 @MsCaliLogan Jeeze, what a gracious guy.